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Waxing and grinding

Gunneman Snowsports, located in the Montana Snowcenter, is home to all well-known brands in the field of ski and snowboard equipment, clothing and accessories. Gunneman Snowsports is also available for the rental of skis and snowboards. You can exchange your current ski materials at favourable prices.

Don't want to miss them yet, but are they in need of a makeover? With our high-tech equipment it is also possible to maintain the most modern carve skis perfectly. Of course we can also treat your snowboards perfectly.

Gunneman Snowsports takes care of the constant maintenance and repair of your current material in collaboration with Montana Snowcenter. You can deliver your skis from snowboard in the shop of Gunneman Snowsports.

Children's guarantee plan

Gunneman Sports
we have our well-known child guarantee plan. It is cheaper to buy a ski set for the children than to rent!
With the child guarantee plan you buy a ski set for children and you are immediately assured of a trade-in amount when purchasing new equipment from Gunneman Sports.


How does it work?

After 1 year you will receive 70% of the purchase price return on purchase of new material. After 2 years this is still 50% and after 3 years still 30%.

Voorbeeld Inruilprijs Kosten (per jaar)
E.g. Children's skis worth €140,-€ 98,- after 1 year€ 42,-
70,- after 2 years€ 35,-
€ 42,- after 3 years€ 33,-
E.g. Technica RJ children's shoes worth €100,-70,- after 1 year€ 30,-
€ 50,- after 2 years€ 25,-
€ 30,- after 3 years€ 24,-

Tweedhands material?

You can also buy items that have already participated in our child guarantee plan. However, there are other conditions:

After 1 year you will receive 50% of the purchase price return on purchase of new material. After 2 years this is still 30%.

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