Introductory lesson in skiing/snowboarding

Introductory lesson in skiing/snowboarding

No experience? No problem!

Within 1 hour, you will learn the basics. At Montana Snowcenter you get to know how to ski or snowboard in a fun and safe way.

Introduction lesson

€32.50 pp
  • • price includes slope access and equipment
  • • price does not include rental clothing
  • • the lesson lasts 1 hour
  • • only on reservation

Our options for adults:

Montana Skihal kid

Private lessons

skiing or snowboarding



skiing or snowboarding

Montana Skihal ski


skiing or snowboarding

Price list of our entire range:


Price list

Montana snowcenter

Equipment/clothing rental

It is -2 °C on the slopes, so we recommend bringing suitable clothes.
Equipment and clothing rental is optional, but you can also bring your own.

  • clothing and gloves are not included
  • gloves are required
  • helmet is mandatory and included for children up to 12 years old
Tabel Verhuur (ENG)