Kids party

Children´s party

Children’s party for €26,- p.p.

For groups of 6 children, you can book a children’s Party at Montana Snowcenter.

The program

-warm welcome at Montana Snowcenter with apple turnover and lemonade and adjusting the equipment.
-1 hour ski or snowboard lesson with a great teacher. (Snowboarding is possible from 8 years)
-change and go to the restaurant overlooking the slopes.
-Enjoy a pizza with lemonade

Extra information

Because the temperature inside the skiing hall (-2 to -6 ° C), it is advisable to provide warm (skiing) clothing. Wearing gloves is mandatory. It is possible to rent gloves and/or a skisuit. Renting gloves is € 4, - per person, per day. And renting a ski suit is € 6, - per person, per day.



The children's party is € 26,- per person including material and excluded clothing.

You can expand the children's party with an extra half hour recreational skiing / snowboarding adjacent to the lesson for an additional charge of € 7.50 per person.