In groups of about 10 people you can safely learn how to ski and/or snowboard on the nursery slope. Of course private lessons are also possible. Montana Snowcenter offers a wide range of courses and packages, both in the afternoon and in the evening. Make sure you book in time!

Introductory lesson

Because we only allow experienced skiers and snowboarders to go skiing or snowboarding by themselves, we regularly give introductory lessons. These are basic lessons for beginners that last 1 hour. We make sure that everyone gets the chance to experience both branches of winter sports in a responsible way.


We offer ski and snowboard packages of 3 hours on weekends and midweeks. The lessons are given for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiërs and boarders. Perfect if you want to follow lessons in a short period of time.

Private course

Would you prefer some extra personal attention? Then you can book a private lesson or a private course. We will book you on the time(s) you prefer if possible. The private course takes 1 hour per lesson. In a private course you will receive 1 hour of private lessons for 6 weeks.