Children's courses

Children's courses are our specialty. At Montana Snowcenter, we do everything we can to give your child a fun and safe way to ski. We have a curriculum in which we use 4 levels. The levels are arranged according to the corresponding ski exercises that your child controls. You can get in at any level.

By means of a ski trail, the exercises that your child controls are checked. At the end of the course, each child receives a medal with the level obtained. In this way, we can also offer a transfer to the next level for a follow-up course.

  • for children aged 4 to 12
  • divided between different age categories and levels
  • 6 or 7 lessons total
  • every week 1 lesson

From 8 years (8 to 12 years) there is the possibility to go snowboarding.
The snowboard lessons only take place on weekends.

Course dates 2020/2021

Currently there are no course dates available for season 2021/2022

On Friday 1 January there will be no ski lessons, so the course consists of 5 lessons.

Our other curriculum for children:

Montana Skihal snowboard

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Montana Skihal ski

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